Our Story


D.O.G Rescue Cyprus


D.O.G Rescue Cyprus (Dali Organized Group) is a registered non-profit company with the sole aim of saving and re-homing the stray dogs of the Dali and Nisou municipality shelters. Municipality shelters can legally send dogs to the veterinary services to be killed if their family is not found or if no one adopts them.


The estimated number of abandoned dogs in Cyprus is 170,000 per year. An unknown number of dogs is euthanized every year most of them healthy dogs.


Our rescue is operating since November 2010. Through our amazing network of dog lovers abroad, in the last 7 years D.O.G Rescue Cyprus has saved and rehomed over 2,000 dogs in Cyprus and (mainly) abroad – UK, Holland, Belgium and Germany.


We receive zero help from the government and municipalities. The legal framework on animal welfare in Cyprus, its weak enforcement and low sensitization of authorities on the issue, make change very slow. In the meantime, lives need to be saved.

Our Mission


Our main goal is to save as many dogs as we can, and prevent their euthanisation. We have a strict non-put to sleep policy, and endeavour to shelter, feed, love and provide veterinary treatment for all dogs that come into our care, until we find them new, loving homes.

Our Team


In Cyprus, our team is made of five volunteers, that dedicate all their free time to the rescue effort. The founder, Marilena Peppou, is the powerhouse behind the rescue. Stalo Papantoniou deals with vets, administration, bills, internet, airports. The Superwoman Evi Antoniadou is our own dog whisperer that cares for all the dogs daily. Chriisis Kakofeggitou arranges the flights and monitors several issues, and helps out wherever needed. Lovely Monica Mitsidou is the latest addition to our team and her task is to help the rescue become financially self-sustainable.

Happy Endings


Thanks to the generosity of our adopters and supporters, over 2000 dogs have been rescued and rehomed since 2010 and they are now in loving homes across the UK, mainland Europe, Cyprus and beyond.

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