Our Story


D.O.G Rescue Cyprus


In 2010, Marilena Peppou was enjoying a day out with her family when a wrong turn led her to a small holding full of desperately thin dogs. She was heartbroken as she watched them beg against the cage door. She went away but soon returned with tins of food and began throwing food over the fence. She could see that many of the dogs had been neglected. Their matted fur covered their eyes and they had bite wounds from fighting. It was obvious they were placed in a cage, out of sight and out of mind.


There was a small dog sitting quietly by himself and as Marilena bent down to offer a moment of affection, she could see the sadness in his eyes. It’s a memory that will stay with her forever. She returned to her normal life but the image of those dogs would not leave her mind. After a week of disturbed sleep and phone call after phone call; searching to find who the dogs belonged to; she eventually established it was the Dali Municipality Pound. If she was to help these dogs she knew she had to speak to the Major. After negotiating the terms, it was agreed that Marilena would take over care of the dogs and be allowed to continue to use the premises. It was on that day in November 2010 that Pound Rescue, later to become D.O.G. Rescue Cyprus was formed.


Since then, D.O.G. Rescue Cyprus has successfully rehomed more than 3,000 stray and unwanted dogs in the UK and across Europe. We are now recognised as one of the most successful rescues on the island. In addition to the Dali pound we now also provide safety and care for 150 dogs at our kennels in Dali.


In March 2015 the UK charity was formed to provide further support to the team in Cyprus. In December 2017 a purpose built kennels was opened in the UK to provide rehabilitation for those dogs needing additional help before rehoming.


Our Mission, Vision and Promise 


Mission – To save lives and relieve the suffering of dogs in need of care and attention, by the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of stray and unwanted dogs in Cyprus.


Vision – The humane and compassionate treatment of all dogs by all human beings.


Our promise – because every dog matters:


  • We will promote the humane and compassionate treatment of all dogs in everything that we do.
  • We will never put a dog to sleep unless it is the only humane option.
  • We will provide continued support for all our adopters and fosterers so that they can always be confident that the best advice and assistance is always available to them.

Our Mission


To save lives and relieve the suffering of dogs in need of care and attention by the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of stray and unwanted dogs in Cyprus.

Our Team


In Cyprus, our team is made up of five volunteers who dedicate all their free time to rescue and the safety and security of the dogs in their care. Marilena Peppou is the founder of D.O.G. Rescue Cyprus and works alongside Stalo Papantoniou, Evi Antoniadou, Chrysiis Kakofengitou and Monica Mitsidou. Together they manage the pound and kennels, organise veterinary care, promote the dogs, arrange flights, transport, passports and Traces and fundraise.


In the UK our charity Trustees are Kyri Spyrou, Jan Appleby, Dee Arp, and Jackie McKenzie, supported by the UK Team Eliz Keil, Clara Johnson, Vix Edwards, Debs, Karen Harvey and Bridgette South. Together they manage the charity, the UK kennels, promote the dogs, manage homechecks, arrange fosters, support adopters in the UK and fundraise.


Team Dali also recognises our most important team members – YOU! – without the continued support of our amazing network we could not continue the work we do.

Happy Endings


Thanks to the generosity of our adopters, fosterers and supporters more than 3,000 dogs have been rescued and rehomed and are now living the lives they deserve in loving forever homes in the UK and across Europe.

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