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Cyprus is overrun with unwanted and stray dogs. Shelters are full, and the nightmare of finding the financial support and the volunteers necessary to care for, and rehome these dogs, is a harsh reality that is played out day in day out, year after year. In Cyprus, many beautiful, healthy dogs are destroyed every day…it’s a heart-breaking situation.  Dogs are dumped at the pound, or in the middle of fields with no hope of shelter.  We have rescued dogs who have been tied to trees and abandoned, thrown from cars on the motorway, puppies dumped in bins in plastic bags, hunting dogs abandoned if they can’t hunt, or are thrown out at the end of the hunting season…the list is endless and the dogs just keep coming.

D.O.G Rescue Cyprus is a small volunteer group, created in 2011, to help the stray dogs being held in Dali Municipality pound in Nicosia, Cyprus. Our main goal is to save as many dogs as we can, and prevent their euthanisation.  We have a strict non-put to sleep policy, and endeavour to shelter, feed, love and provide veterinary treatment for all dogs that come into our care, until we find them new, loving homes.


We’d love to find all the pets a home in Cyprus, but this isn’t possible – everyone here who loves animals already has too many adopted pets, and the shelters are completely full.  We help by rescuing as many as possible but, as much as we love every single one of them, we don’t have the money, capacity, space or enough energy to keep taking them into our home. Unfortunately, without our help (and other rescues like us) they will suffer and die.

Thanks to the generosity of our adopters and supporters, over 2000 dogs have been rescued and rehomed since 2011 – they are now in loving homes across the UK, mainland Europe, Cyprus and beyond!  Currently, around 150 dogs are under the care of D.O.G Rescue.  We regularly take under our care, dogs and puppies found in areas close to Dali and remove them from the high kill shelters.

In Cyprus, we have just 5 main volunteers who take care of all our dogs in the Dali pound and our kennels, and the rescue is registered as a non-profit company.

In the UK we are a registered charity and have a very strong rescue back up team of over a dozen UK volunteers, who help to manage Dali dogs who have flown to the UK. In the last 5 years, we have rehomed more than 1600 dogs to the UK alone.

We are in the process of rebuilding our website, but in the meantime, you can find all our dogs, which are available for rehoming, on our Facebook page:


If you spot a dog who interests you, please contact us via Facebook or by emailing dali.dogs@hotmail.com with your inquiry.

We will guide you through the process of adopting a dog from Cyprus, and be with you every step of the way.


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  • Good evening i am interested fir the small papillon girl. How can we get in touch please. Giannis 96398333

    • Hi Giannis
      At the moment the best way to get in touch is to comment on the Facebook post about the dog you’re interested in, asking if someone will private message you via Messenger. Many thanks.

  • Hello!
    I worked with you all a few years back to foster some puppies while I was in Cyprus on an archaeological expedition in Idalion (Jimmy, Riley, and Mocha!). You were a wonderful organization to work with. A website just recently emerged to connect international rescue organizations with volunteers (https://animalrescueguide.org). I have added you all to their list. Hopefully it helps you to find additional dog sponsors and support! Good luck, and keep up the great work!

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