The Fee


The Fee


Once the adoption has been agreed, and prior to collection of the dog, we ask you for a fee to contribute towards the preparation of your dog for travel to the UK.


The flight date is then set and just before the flight, and we would ask for the flight and transport costs to be paid, and you can pick up your dog from the nearest airport or drop off point which can vary depending on the route.


The fee forms a contribution towards the costs accrued during preparation and travel to the UK.


Please see below for an indication of costs.


If you are a UK Tax Payer, you can make your gift to D.O.G. Rescue Cyprus go further, at no cost to you by completing the Gift Aid Form below and sending it back to us at

Gift Aid Form


The Adoption Cost



For dogs aged over 8 months,
we ask for a minimum fee of £175.00.


For dogs aged under 8 months*,
the minimum fee is £115.00.


Preparation cost include: Snap 4Dx which tests for exposure to pathogens that cause Heartworm disease, Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease and Anaplasmosis; Leishmania snap test. The dog will also have dog/puppy vaccines as well as rabies vaccine, microchip, deworming pills, neutering (if old enough), tick flea treatment, fit-to-fly examination and an EU-pet passport.


*For dogs aged under 8 months, there will be a requirement to have the dog neutered by your own vet, when the he/she reaches the age recommended by your vet for doing so.



In addition to the contribution towards the dog’s veterinary and medical costs, you are responsible for paying to us the flight and transport costs which can vary depending on the route. Depending on the season, and where you are in the UK, flights could be to an airport within the UK, or via Cologne with onward overland transport with pet couriers to the nearest drop off point to you.


Travel costs include flight, courier, passport and Traces

Flight Routes

Approx Total Travel Costs

£300.00 – £375.00

(exchange rate and UK airport variable)


*Direct flights to the UK – depending on the time of year – may be arranged via your preferred route. Year-round flights direct to the UK are available to Gatwick and Manchester Airports. Seasonal flights during the summer months are available to Bristol, Doncaster and Edinburgh Airports.


*Onward travel from UK airports to your home, via pet courier, can be arranged at additional cost to yourself.

Approx Total Travel Costs


Large Single Dog
£375.00 – £450.00
(exchange rate and pet couriers variable)


Small Sharing Dog
£305.00 – £375.00
(exchange rate and pet couriers variable)



*Pet couriers cost varies depending on the size of dog and drop off point.



“Traces”are a requirement of the UK government and must be completed before any animal is imported into the UK – the cost of this will also be payable to D.O.G Rescue Cyprus well in advance of travel, and currently costs €35.00.



“Travel Crates” from direct flights should be packed and returned to UK Shipment Company by adopters at their own expense. In addition, adopters will be required to pay €35.00 along with flight costs, to cover the shipment of the crate from our UK warehouse back to Cyprus.

Payment Method


Your minimum fee can be sent via PayPal or transfer to our UK bank account.

Pay Pal

Via PayPal (friends and family option) to
*Please state your dog’s name in the notes.


Bank Transfer

Transfer to our UK Metro Bank A/C.

DOG Rescue Cyprus | Sort code: 23-05-80 | Account Number: 17429043
*Please state your dog’s name in the references.

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